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We encourage our students to become members of the Florist Assosciation of the Rockies, or FAR, as they post any jobs availabe in the industry. In addition, they provide more education. We recommend this because learning does not stop.

We also encourage our students to develop a porfolio of their work. Repetition makes you better and faster in everything you do.

How does your program work?
Our program runs in five week cycles. A student can take the courses in one of two ways:
* A student can take one level of to class one day a week for five weeks and continue the program one day a week over a period of 3 more five week cycles, or
* A student can learn all the material covered in the four levels in one five week cycle, attending class three days per week for five weeks.

Does everyone who takes the class have to attend all four levels?
No, you can take as many levels in sequence as you wish to gain your desired level of proficiency. All four levels are required to qualify for the Palmer Floral Design Certification Program.

Does the school provide job placement assistance?
Not at this time. However, the director and her assistant will relay information on positions available in the floral industry as they become aware of them. Participation in the Colorado Retail Florists Association has now changed it's name to FAR - Florist Associtaion of the Rockies, and provides networking opportunities for the students and graduates. We encourage students to photograph their work as they proceed through the class to develop a portfolio which they can show to florists looking for new employees.

What is the job outlook for the floral design industry?
As a retail and service based industry, demand for floral designers is based on population growth and the economy. Areas of the country that are experiencing growth in population are most likely to be in need of floral designers.

What can I expect to earn as a floral designer?
Starting pay for a floral designer ranges from near minimum wage to $15 or more, depending on the skill and experience of the designer. It is an art form that requires ongoing learning and participation. Students should not expect too much starting out, but this course does give them an advantage in looking for a position. They will have a solid background of skills to draw upon and therefore will not require as much on the job training as someone with no experience.

The most recent government statistics indicate that the average florist earns $27,000 per year.

Do you have financial aid available?
Students are expected to find their own way of financing the program. Scholarship opportunities may exist in the students' area through various clubs. Searching on-line may provide you with other opportunities. Most programs are geared to assisting students with specific background qualifications.

We also work with the State of Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to assist the disabled who wish to work in this industry. All such participants must be in the vocational rehabilitation program and receive prior approval for funding through the department.

how do I Contact you?
For more information, please contact us via email or call us at (970) 632-8328.



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